Lightroom 101- #001 What is light room and why should I use it?

Lightroom is a raw file converter that is a one stop shop for all your post processing needs as a professional or enthusiastic amateur. Every update to Lightrooms adds more and more features that allows most editing to be done in this program. It works perfectly with photoshop so gives us the ability to jump into photoshop and do more complex and extensive manipulations but then return to lightroom to continue with our workflow.

Lightroom let us organise, process, batch process, export, and print, in a non-destructive environment. The non-destructiveness of the environment means that our original files remain untouched but we can tweak, create copies and versions, return to previous settings, and cancel adjustments with ease.

So who is Lightroom for? If you are professional and process a large number of files, lightroom can be the perfect workflow management tool for you. If you are aspiring to become professional, this will help you get better control over the look of your images. If you’re an enthusiastic armature, it will help you to get professional results and keep all of your catelog of work in one place.

So what is the down side? You need to learn how to use Lightroom correctly to get the best out of the program. It is a professional tool and you will need to fully understand the environment and photography terminology and craft to get the most out of this program.

Is Lightroom expensive? I don’t want this so sound like an advert for Adobe but…..
You no longer have to fork out hundreds of dollars for every new version of adobe software that comes out. you can now subscribe to adobe lightroom and photoshop. take if from me, from someone that bought many versions of photoshop and lightroom. this is great value, you get all updates, and you can pick and choose what you download. here is the link to find out more.