Who Rocks our World Wednesday ~ Sue Bryce.

Sue Bryce is one of the most amazing speakers that you will ever hear from. She has touched so many photographers and is best known for her courses on Creative Live. I first met Sue in 2010 at The Nikon Event on Queensland’s Beautiful Sunshine Coast. Her presentation was amazing, so much so that I flew to Sydney to attend a one day seminar with her a few months later. She has gone on to take over the world as an amazing speaker and has now moved to the US to continue doing what she loves.

I wanted to put up this video that she did in one of her Creative live courses because it’s something that I find when trying to help photographers is one of the biggest hurdles. Fear! We seem to block our own success, we make excuses why we don’t get stuff done.

This video will kick you’re a$$. The first 12 minutes is interesting but it’s from the 12 minute mark that really gets into it. Fear is what stops us, it’s what scares us, but it’s nothing. Fear is nonexistence, it’s in our head. It’s as real as monsters under the bed, and it’s just excuses in my head and it’s always someone else’s fault.

So… Stop Right Now!! It’s time to stand up and take responsibility for your business and your life.

If you don’t sort your attitude out you will get nothing different in this world, it’s that simple. ~Sue Bryce.


This really is tough to hear, it’s overwhelming, and it’s hard, it’s what is stopping you, but it’s the truth!!

Sue talks us through getting past our fear, what can we do to find out what is our blocks and get past them.

It’s not easy!! But you can do it. It’s not easy to hear but you need to hear it. So this is why Sue Bryce Rocks our world. Thank you Sue. Your amazing.

For more info about sue check out http://www.inbedwithsue.com/blog/ and Sue’s courses at http://creativelive.com/