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What are you waiting for? You want to take beautiful photos, right?

The time is now to learn how to create those beautiful images you see on Pinterest and Instagram. Learning to love your camera, while taking photographs that will become treasured images.

We are passionate about teaching you, yes YOU! on how to take images that make you say WOW did I really take that?
Our easy to follow courses give you the tools to learn the way you want to, with support. Our community is created to help celebrate the wins and help you when your stuck!

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Challenge yourself!

Challenge yourself!

The best way to perfect something is to practice. If you do something regularly it becomes part of your muscle memory and helps you get better at it. Its why athletes work on the technique all the time. To build that muscle memory. Photography is no different. It...

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The golden hour

The golden hour

The golden hour is a photographer’s best friend. It is such a beautiful light to use and one of our favourite of all the natural light options. The golden hour is that window of time right after sunrise and right after sunset. The sun is low on the horizon so the...

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Buy education, not gear.

Buy education, not gear.

As much as we like to have the latest and greatest gear, its not the equipment that will improve your photography, it’s the way you use it. If you don’t know how to do the basics then a fancy pants camera with high resolution files isn’t going to help you. Only...

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We have been where you are. Are you struggling to take amazing images authentically? Are you tired and freaked out on how to even start? Let us show you how to take pictures the easy way!

Our resources are here to give you the confidence you need to take beautiful pictures, whilst loving every minute of the journey to success.


Meet Your Hosts

Melissa & Carol

Hi, I’m Melissa and I’ve been a photographer for over 30 yrs. I’m also an educator so for the last 20 years I’ve been teaching people about photography. One of my first takeaways when I was learning and also teaching is that there is no mistakes in photography, just experiments. Every image you take you learn something new. And today we are so fortunate because we get instant feedback and can learn as we go very quickly.

Hi, I’m Carol and have been a photographer for over 20yrs, and educator for over 10. Photography has given me so much joy in my life and as a business. When I first started teaching it was clear very early on that if you can make photography fun and easy it is a skill that can easily be learned. I love sharing my images and the world around me with my clients and with my family and friends.