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Photography Basics

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What is a Photographer?

What is a Photographer?

It takes time, practice and patience to be a photographer. You need to learn the technical and the creative side of a craft that is now one of the most used genres in the world. Everyday they say that billions of images are created and shared.   Photographers make...

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Force That Perspective

Force That Perspective

Forced perspective is  technique that we can use in photography to create very interesting images. It creates an optical illusion. We want objects to look out of scale. So object that appear father away, or closer to us, or larger or smaller than it actually is. It’s...

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Camera Love

Camera Love was created to help sassy ladies get the images that they desire. From families to work at home mums, we are dedicated to serving you in the learning of photography.

"Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field"

~Peter Adams



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