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Photography doesn’t need to be perfect to be perfect

Sometimes photography doesn’t need to be technical.  Sometimes it more about what the image represents than it being technically perfect. I am sure you have an photo somewhere, maybe one from when you were younger, or one on your phone from recently, that is out of focus, bad lighting, or just silly behavior, or all…

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It’s Photoshop Friday – Darken it down.

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10 tips to great kid’s photography

I love photographing kids but they can be a challenge when you first start out. So here are my top tips for capturing great moments with kids. 1. Get down to their level. There is nothing more daunting than someone looking down on you so get done to their level and mirror their body language.…

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5 Common Lighting Mistakes in Portrait Photography!

Lighting is a skill that is learned over time as a photographer. However, there are some tips that can easily have you’re images looking great. Don’t use dappled light!! – using dappled light creates confusion and mess in a portrait photograph. Makes sure you have a catch light in the eyes!!! – By having a…

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Who rocks our world Wednesday – Frank Hurley

Frank Hurley is well known in the history of Australian photographers. The best part about the Internet is we now can watch all sorts of Documentories online, and here is a series that is a wonderful record of the world of Frank Hurley. What i love about him is that he got in trouble with…

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Be Focused – Top 8 tips for Perfect Focus.

Something that is often asked of me is “Why am I having issues with my focusing?” It’s something that can ruin the perfect shot, you look at the back of the camera, it looks amazing, but when you download it and check it out the focus is not quite right!! So let’s have a look…

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