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Photography is so popular and important with the inclusion of camera’s in our phones. Getting great shots can be really enjoyable and give you a sense of achievement and memories.
Here at Camera Love we are all about empowering women to take amazing photographs easilyFrom families that are growing, to business images for your small business, you can do it all. As you become a student of photography you open up your creative ideas and expressions.
Photography is also a great creative hobby, giving you time away from the hustle and bustle of life.


Aspiring Photographer

Ready to take the next step and learn all about how to take great photographs

Has the photography bug bitten you?
Are you keen to learn how to take amazing photographs easily and confidently?
The Aspiring Photography course is for women looking to learn photography with no prior experienceOur focus is to help you capture feelings and emotions with your photography. Ultimately enabling you to tell your story and show it to the world.
This course will ensure you are getting the right elements into your photographs so they are not only technically correct but also beautiful.


Advanced Photographer

A course dedicated to honing the craft of photography

Are you a good photographer but your stuck on how to move forward?
Do you have the images in your mind but not sure how to make it all happen?
The Advanced Photographer is for DSLR owners looking to take their photography to amazing!
We take you through all the advanced steps and tricks to help create flawless images that leave you breathless. Join us to focus on all things technical in the world of photography to become a master of the craft.

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Challenge yourself!

Challenge yourself!

The best way to perfect something is to practice. If you do something regularly it becomes part of your muscle memory and helps you get better at it. Its why athletes work on the technique all the time. To build that muscle memory. Photography is no different. It...

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The golden hour

The golden hour

The golden hour is a photographer’s best friend. It is such a beautiful light to use and one of our favourite of all the natural light options. The golden hour is that window of time right after sunrise and right after sunset. The sun is low on the horizon so the...

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Buy education, not gear.

Buy education, not gear.

As much as we like to have the latest and greatest gear, its not the equipment that will improve your photography, it’s the way you use it. If you don’t know how to do the basics then a fancy pants camera with high resolution files isn’t going to help you. Only...

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