Want to take amazing photographs?

Life has so many moments that you want to capture. You know you have the camera to do it but you are just not getting it to do what you want!!

Don’t let those moments slip by. Learn to love your camera so that you camera can capture the world around you.

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In this course You Will Discover...

  • Compose those shots

    Learn what makes an amazing photograph so you can apply that to your images.

  • Video for Every Step

    A series of videos, worksheets and challenges will help you to learn in a fun and supported way.

  • Access Straight Away

    All materials are delivered to you straight away so you can get started and work at your own pace.

  • Shoot Like a Pro

    Learn how to change the settings on your camera to create the images that you want.

  • Get those Creative Juices Flowing

    and enjoy using that expensive camera of yours. You bought it for a reason. was it to photograph your family, use it for business or just make amazing images for yourself?

  • Online Help

    An online community that will be there whenever you need us.

Buy Now For Only $79.00

Kick start capturing amazing images with

Camera Loves DLSR Course - The Secret Camera Hugging Society.

Did you purchased you DSLR thinking that you would be able to capture fantastic, beautiful and amazing images of the world around you? Are you disappointed with the results so far?

Or are you loving photography but just can’t quite get what you know in your mind you want the photograph to look like, but the camera just isn’t doing what you want it too! It’s so frustrating when you know what you want to do but just can’t get it to happen.

This easy to understand course will share with you the secrets to mastering your camera. We will have you loving your camera again in no time. You will learn all the basic skills to be able to take your photography to the next level.

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Did you miss capturing those great moments because the camera set on AUTO let you down? Do your photographs come out blurry? To dark? To light? We can help you never miss another moment again.

What if you could

  • master making beautiful photographs
  • Share you photography passion with friends and family
  • Create beautiful portraits of those you love
  • Make memories of all the places you go
  • Feel confident every time you pick up your camera.

Camera love has the perfect course that will do all of this and more….

Learn from the professionals. Master your camera settings. Be part of an online support community, improve your skills, capture every moment with confidence and start making memories for the ones you love.

Our photography course is done at your pace, at your schedule. All course material is available for immediate download so you can get started right away.

The course is designed to be worked through a topic each week. The skills you will learn include aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition and lighting and what to do next to keep growing you skills. You only need an hour a week for 6 weeks to learning the base skills that will take your photography anywhere you want it to go. With extra content to keep you going once you have perfected the basics.

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