Symmetry is a great way to create a visually appealing image. The human mind likes symmetry. Whether it’s in nature or man made, we love a good mirrored image.

Photo by Andrew Butler on Unsplash

Done perfectly, it can be intriguing to look at, it gives a feeling of balance and of calm.

Photo by Firasat on Unsplash

The hardest part is making the image as perfectly symmetrical as possible. Even the slightest misalignment can be distracting. The first step is to stand precisely at the center point of of your subject and keep the camera as perpendicular as possible. Verticals need to be vertical, not bending into or out of the frame. And horizontals need to be horizontal as well.

Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash

If you love lens’s you can always get a tilt shift lens that will help remove deflections at the time of capture. Or you can use editing software to help eliminate any distortion effects.

Photo by Linford Miles on Unsplash


  • Symmetrical images can be magical, but you must make sure that you do it perfectly. The slightest misalignment can be distracting.
  • Done well this tip can bring calm and balance to an image.
  • The human mind likes symmetry. So use it to your advantage to create amazing and interesting images.

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